Sun 29th Mar, 2009
Day 16

Along the Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia
Along the Sea to Sky Highway, BC
Miles: 2296
N 49.78883°
W 123.13238°

We had morning coffee with Brenda and a bit more catching up and then we had to leave to make our next visit.

We found our way to Langley after many detours and u-turns, and despite the best efforts of our Delorme GPS software to get us lost and confused. There we visited two of Nina's cousins, Linda and Grant.

They served a hearty brunch including home made bread, and we had a nice visit with Linda, Kavita, Michelle and Grant talking of recent trips, plans and news from the family.

We took full advantage of the family connection and the mod-cons and did a load of washing. Small things become important when you live in a micro-motor home

We had a few more navigational adventures finding our way back to Highway 1 via a Best Buy (and a new Garmin GPS with a Canada map as well as US map) and then a slow drive along Hwy 1 but finally we got on to Highway 99, the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. It felt like we were now really on our way to Alaska.