Saturday 15th August, 2009
Day 155

Villa De Leyva, Colombia
Villa De Leyva, Col
Miles: 21,612
N 05.64868°
W 73.51908°

We had a quiet day looking around the town, lazing around the campground, and simply enjoying the place.

This afternoon there was a rain storm with very dark clouds that added a striking backdrop to the main plaza and we spent some time there just watching - and Nina photographing - the people flying kites.

I thought I might add a short quiz to todays entry.

  • First question is mainly for the Australian readers, but anyone botanically gifted should feel free to send me an answer. What type of tree is in the photographs below with the red brush like flower?

  • Second question. In the market scene below one of the men is wearing an unusual red crowned hat. Can you identify the material from which the brim of the hat is made. If you look carefully in one of the market photos there is a man with a light blue crowned hat wearing the same kind of brim.

Last night was an amazing scene at Camping San Jorge. There were 25 cars and more than 25 tents in the camping ground with us. This is the first time in all of our central and south american travels we have spent the night with local campers, and indeed the first time we have seen locals camping. We talked to a few of the groups and they were young professionals from Bogota.