Saturday (Sabado) 5th September, 2009
Day 176

Otavalo, Ecuador
Otavalo, Ecuador
Miles: 22,860
N 00.21880°
W 78.27666°

Another lazy, but unfortunately windy and dusty, day in Otavalo. Its amazing how you get comfortable with a place and are content to just hang out.

We got a late start for a visit to the famous small animal market. By the time we got there is was pretty much over and only a small number of people with chickens, ducks, a few pigs and assorted other small creatures remained. The wind had turned the place into a continuos dust bowl.

The central markets were a bit more comfortable as there was more shelter from the dust and we walked through the maze of stalls for some time before stopping at a local restaurant for lunch of food we did not really recognize - but enjoyed.

Back at camp in the evening we spent several hours with our new German friends hearing about their various journeys in South America. It was a very enjoyable time, but will certainly have the effect of extending our stay in South America, and in particular confirmed that we will seek a tour to the Galapagos when we get to Quito. They also brought up the possibility of a trip to the Antarctic when we get to Ushuaia.

The conversation completely overshadowed dinner and relieved me of the nightly cooking chores.