Friday (Viernes) 23rd October, 2009
Day 224

Nasca, Peru
Nasca, Peru
Miles: 25,923
S 14.85074°
W 74.95858°

This morning we decided to try and find an Acogas place we had read about where other travelers had purchased an adapter that allowed US fixed propane tanks to be filled at gas station GPL pumps (location details in the camping section below). This proved to be a challenging driving experience as it took us on some of Lima's busiest streets at rush hour. Also took us through some of the up market shopping areas. But it was successful; we got the fitting and a couple of hours later at a gas station filled our fixed tank with no trouble.

From Lima we headed down the coast. The scenery was now the familiar desert and coast, side by side, interspersed with varying levels of agriculture, and more poor looking dwellings in desert sands. At Paracas the road turned inland and there was more desert, again with interspersed agriculture, but this time no coast.


We stayed in the Hotel Maisson Suisse across the road from the airport in Nasca, they actually advertise camping on their signs and the lady behind the front desk understood immediately what we wanted. There was no charge if we booked a sightseeing flight through them, which we did. We got to town just on dark and had a little difficulty finding the place because the Hotels own signs (one of which we saw on the highway just as we entered Nasca) say that it is at km post 447 but in fact on the newer km posts its actually closer to 452. The GPS coordinates of the entrance are S 14° 51.104' W 74° 57.500'.

We noticed a European overland vehicle also parked in the hotel next door. The Nido Del Condor so that is another possibility.

The Acogas place is at S 12° 03.077', Av Colonial 5443 (Colonial recently renamed Benevides). You can also look up their website at This place seems to have a very comprehensive stock of gas related plumbing parts such as POL fittings, unions, hose fittings etc.