Tuesday (Martes) 8th December, 2009
Day 270

Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Miles: 30,233
S 33.44073°
W 70.84205°

We really liked the Campana parque and took a hike along a short trail before leaving.

We had only set ourselves a short drive today to a campground we had heard about near Termes Colina (a thermal pool north of the city). But it no longer existed. That was the only camping place we had any information about other than some gas stations.

We spent most of the afternoon finding our way around the outskirts of Santiago. Along the way we discovered that there are some freeways in Santiago that require an electronic devices for automatic toll payment. We drove on a couple of those. Will be interesting to see when and how the authorities try and get their money.


A Shell station west along Highway 68 at about 6km post. Wifi in the McDonald store.