Monday (Lunes) 8th February, 2010
Day 332

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina
Miles: 35,993
S 54.81238°
W 68.34991°

Today we rolled into Ushuaia, Argentina - the end of the road south. Deadhorse Alaska is 289 days and 28061 miles behind us.

The weather gods smiled on us today, we had clear blue sky and bright sun for what turned out to be a beautiful drive. The road from Tolhuin to Ushuaia, thankfully, left the grass lands and wind behind and was through gorgeous mountains and forests reminiscent of the Washington Cascades. The sunshine showed Ushuaia at its best, a modest sized (70,000 population) city built on a hillside beside a deep blue harbor and backed by snow covered jagged mountains. Only on closer inspection did the hustle and bustle of this busy port town with all its containers and trucks come into focus.

We will probably stay here until the end of the week. We have chores to do and there are many sights to see. I also have a date to play golf with Bernie - if he gets here in time.


Camping La Pista Del Andino - is a Club Andino establishment on the hill side above the town. Has everything, toilets, hot showers, electricity, wifi in the refugio and if we had wanted we could have left our vehicle here and gone home for a while. The Tiger would have been in good company as there were a number of European vehicles awaiting their owners return.