Tuesday (Martes) 9th February, 2010
Day 333

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina
Miles: 35,993
S 54.81238°
W 68.34991°

We spent the morning and early afternoon trying to catch up with internet stuff using the campgrounds agonizingly slow wifi. Late in the afternoon we went looking for a metal fabrication shop to have some changes made to the carrier on the back of the Tiger. I decided today I would look for a wheel on which to mount the extra spare tire we have been carrying since Bariloche; thus giving us two complete spares. However that will mean more weight on the carrier, and will require some rearrangement so that we can still carry a local propane cylinder and a couple of fuel cans.

It took us a long time and a lot of questions to locals, including Nina dropping into a local police station, but we eventually found the place named Daptor which we have been told could do the work. But --- they only rebuild engines and did not do fabrication. But as it happened one of the men sitting in that workshop chatting was the owner of another workshop that did do fabrication. With sign language and pigeon Spanish we arranged to meet at Daptor the following morning at 9:00, from where we would be shown how to get to the other workshop.

We have seen some interesting vehicles/motorhomes. These two, German and Swiss overland trucks, make the Tiger look small. When we get back to the US I am going to have to get myself a BIGGER TRUCK.