Wednesday (Miercole) 10th February, 2010
Day 334

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina
Miles: 35,993
S 54.81238°
W 68.34991°

It rained all night and not far up the hills/mountains there was fresh snow.

We made our 9:00 appointment and with a guide found our way to the fabrication shop and the guy we met yesterday afternoon. Once there we got a business card:

			Reparaciones Navales
			Francisco Van Den Heuvel
			Facundo Quioga 2652 Parque Industrial

Any doubts I had about it being a suitable place, or having the space for the Tiger were immediately dispelled. A large two bay workshop, with 40 ft ceilings. The Tiger did not even fill one side of it. All the equipment I could imaging (or love to own myself) - a lathe that was easily 25 ft long with a chuck that would take a 12" diameter bar. Also, thankfully they had heating in the ceiling that rained warmth down on us - it rained and was cold all day.

Nina went off almost immediately to visit a few museums and generally look around while I stayed with the vehicle; both to look after it (trust but verify) and also to make sure that we had a continuing common understanding of the job. As it turned out I had to change the plans a few times and finished up adding to the work during the course of the day. The owner and his off-sider worked on our job from 9:00 till 5:00. On reflection I am not entirely happy with the design for the extra fuel cans and may change it (again) somewhere down the way; but the quality of the work was great.

Anyone traveling to Ushuaia that needs metal fabrication work will find that Francisco's a good place to try.

Back at camp later in the evening Sam and Bernie arrived and we celebrated our joint arrival at the end of the world with a bottle of champagne.