Thursday (Jueves) 11th February, 2010
Day 335

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina
Miles: 35,993
S 54.81238°
W 68.34991°

At least that's what the sign at the Ushuaia Golf Club says.

Regardless of the English we got the point.

Today Bernie and I were carrying out a long threatened round of golf at the end of the world. We teed off for a 2 x 9 hole round in light rain, howling wind, with remnants of Tuesdays fresh snow still visible on the nearby mountains.

All that can be said about the golf is that:

  • we did indeed play 18 holes,

  • the weather eased a bit during the round,

  • we were not impeded in our efforts by the two large foot bridges that had been washed away in recent rains,

  • the course had a couple of sneakily weird holes where non-locals like us simply could not figure out in which direction to drive (we needed instructions from a local),

  • and finally there will be no comments about the quality of the play or the scores.