Tuesday (Martes) 16th February, 2010
Day 340

Puerto San Julian, Argentina
Puerto San Julian, Argentina
Miles: 36,818
S 49.30606°
W 67.72058°

We spent some time in the national park this morning - Nina walked along one of the hiking trails to see some more penguins, braving the Puma's that the signs warned about - but she did not see any.

Later in the morning we looked for internet in Piedra Buena and eventually gave up. This was a bit of a surprise because the town looked very smart and up market - but still no internet.

The road north to San Julian was through the now familiar flat grass lands. In camp we met a British guy who is riding his motorcycle around the world in a year. He started in Europe and travelled to China, down through Asia to Australia and landed in Buenos Aires from Sydney.


Camping Municipal San Julian, on the beach front and subject to the sea winds (not breezes), has all the facilities. The shower building is even heated.