Wednesday (Miercoles) 17th February, 2010
Day 341

Puerto Deseado, Argentina
Puerto Deseado, Argentina
Miles: 37,069
S 47.75523°
W 65.88755°

Before leaving this morning we needed fuel. We tried both the stations in the town only to discover that neither of them had gasoline or diesel, we were directed to the gas station 4 kms away on the highway. We noted though that both stations still had a full roster of tank-filler assistants!

In addition to boring flat grass lands today we had low cloud and rain, at times heavy. It felt like driving in a cloud all day. The rain seems to be unusual for the area; the gravel edges of the road are so wet that today I sank 6 inches when I stepped off the pavement.


Another Camping Municipal.

We do not recommend staying in this campground. We heard from other campers that recently women had been attached in the showers.