Saturday (Sabado) 20th February, 2010
Day 344

Pampa Salamanca, Argentina
Pampa Salamanca, Argentina
Miles: 37,332
S 45.26623°
W 67.30248°

There is not much to say about today - north from Deseado along more flat grass lands with grey skies and patchy rain.

Around mid-day we stopped in Rada Tilly for supplies and a session on the internet. This was a nice little beach side resort with some really up market beach front dwellings, as well as some less up market places away from the beach.

Late in the day we passed through Caleta Olivia an ugly little town with plastic bags sticking to fences and low bushes everywhere. We have not seen a town this grubby since the coast of Northern Peru. Then came Comodoro Rivadavia, an oil boom town with mud all over the streets and lots of evidence of recent flooding rains.


A gravel pullout on the side of the road. Not too many heavy vehicles overnight.