Sunday (Domingo) 21st February, 2010
Day 345

Puento Piramida, Argentina
Puento Piramida, Argentina
Miles: 37,621
S 42.57419°
W 64.27756°

The rain has departed, blue sky is back.

there is not much else to say today. We are just covering miles to get to Puerto Piramida ( a place famous for whale watching) where we had arranged to meet Sam and Bernie.

The landscape continues the same, flat and wide with rough grass and prickly shrubs. Not very fertile. Late in the day the blue Atlantic Ocean came into view as we approached Piramida.


The Municipal Campground in the small village of Puento Piramida is right behind the beach in a stand of large bushes and trees. Even with this protection the wind is annoying. Pay (expensive) showers and only at night, water and electricity.