Monday (Lunes) 22nd February, 2010
Day 346

San Antonio Oeste, Argentina
San Antonio Oeste, Argentina
Miles: 37,864
S 40.54970°
W 64.87408°

Overnight we decided we wanted to get to Buenos Aires expeditiously as the whale watching tours do not commence for several more weeks.. Sam and Bernie made an early start. We were a bit slower as we have business to do in the nearby town of Puerto Madryn - bank, groceries, internet and exchange our small propane tank. As a result we got a late start to the days drive - 4:30.

Never the less because of the straight roads we made some good progress. At San Antonio Oeste we were directed off the main highway - Ruta 3 - to a more inland route by a police checkpoint. Apparently the main road is blocked from damage from the recent rains. At least that's what I think he said.


We pulled off the road into a clearing with a small shrine a few kms north of the town.