Tuesday (Martes) 23rd February, 2010
Day 347

Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Miles: 38,111
S 38.73296°
W 62.31461°

We are now back above the 40th parallel and the weather is warmer - low 70°F's, the sun is shining and today the landscape changed. No longer flat wide lands with poor grass and prickly shrubs. It's now flattish (but with some rolling hills), and nice green grasses both in the farm fields and beside the road. This looks like the normal state of the ground not simply a reaction to recent rains. Buenos Aires is now only 700 kms away.

The drive from Ushuaia has been really surprising - up until this morning we had covered 2300 kms since Ushuaia and all of it through terrain that was constant - flat and wide, covered with prickly bushes.


The Municipal Campground is on the city bypass. Nice setting, electricity in the large white concrete pillars, showers have hot water but no cold water ?? - makes for a difficult shower. It's a free campground??