Thursday (Jueves) 25th February, 2010
Day 349

Monte Hermoso, Argentina
Monte Hermoso, Argentina
Miles: 38,213
S 38.98683°
W 61.35058°

We spent some time trying to find the Brazilian consulate in Bahai Blanca, we need a visa for Brazil, only to discover that they don't seem to open.

Then we traveled on about 100km to the beach resort of Monte Hermoso. Our friends Sam and Bernie have just been there and recommended it as a really nice - American style - campground.

The day was beautiful, clear sky and warm. The drive was through rich looking farm land, and along the road sides there were regular patches of gum/eucalyptus trees.

At the campground we found more large beautiful gum trees, warm sand, a wide beach - it felt like being back in Australia.

We also found Sam and Bernie, they liked the place and had delayed their departure to enjoy the amenities.


Camping Americano on the beach south of the town. Follow the signs, it's about 5 miles from the town along the roads behind the beach. Great huge, place. In peak season this campground could handle thousands. Electricity, very hot showers, wifi (in the bar and some camping spots), onsite laundry service and minimarket, and a pool that costs extra.

It's situated in a loverly gum tree (thats eucalyptus to non Aussies) forest.