Thursday (Jueves) 4th March, 2010
Day 357

Dolores, Argentina
Dolores, Argentina
Miles: 38,717
S 36.31685°
W 57.69826°

Overnight we had the most amazing thunder storm, the thunder, lightening and very heavy rain lasted all night. But surprisingly this morning the campground does not show signs of all that rain. The sandy soil sure drains well.

Heading north along the coast we found the other campground, El Griego that we had considered staying at last night. It's a couple of kms west of highway 11. It would have been a nicer choice, and may have been a good place for a couple of days rest - there is a very large water park across the road from it.

We eventually found our way into the city of Mar Del Plata the most popular and important beach resort in Argentina. It is famous for its beaches and the crowds that cover them during high summer. We were pleased that the summer rush was over but even so the traffic was heavy, and the beaches too crowded for our taste.

Navigating our way out of Mar Del Plata proved to be a challenge a little beyond our skill or luck. We found ourselves on highway 3, the Autopista, towards Buenos Aires when we had really wanted to be on a secondary road to the town of Balcarce. We eventually got to Balcarce but our navigation failures added over 100km of extra driving.

Balcarce is the birth place of Juan Fangio the famous Argentine racing driver of the immediate post war era and the town houses a fine museum of racing cars both old and new.

After drooling over the beautiful cars in the museum we got back onto the highway and drove into the night in an effort to be within easy driving distance of Buenos Aires for the morning.


A YPF/ACA gas station and all night restaurant near the town of Dolores. No showers. The place has a large picnic area next to the gas station.

El Griego is at S 38° 05.743' W 57° 36.195, the turn off from highway 11 is at S38° 06.679' W57° 35.065'