Friday (Viernes) 5th March, 2010
Day 358

Beunos Aires, Argentina
Beunos Aires, Argentina
Miles: 38,853
S 34.59309°
W 58.37128°

The traffic of Buenos Aires came as a bit of a shock this morning. After all the miles of deserted highway going to and returning from Ushuaia we were once again in a large city, and on tightly packed multi-lane highways. And this time we had the added pleasure of crazy Buenos Aires drivers - they do seem a little crazier than others we have met on the trip - and in particular they don't seem to want to stay in their lane, but instead drive straddling the lane lines. I guess this gives them the option to dart into which every lane appears to be moving best when the traffic arrives at the next, and inevitable, accident or breakdown.

The freeway that carried us into the downtown area dumped us into Avenue 9th July, reputedly the widest street in the world. This carried us slowly towards the dock area of Puerto Madera where by chance we found a parking lot big enough to take the Tiger, and where it seemed we could spend the night.

With the Tiger safely stowed we headed for the Brazilian consulate to start the process of getting a visa. It was not long before we discovered why Sam and Bernie gave up on this process. It seems the consulate won't process visa applications without an appointment, to make an appointment we need to phone them, on our non-existent local cell phone, and discuss with them in our non-existent Spanish what we want, and if we had done this we would be directed to their, Spanish only, website to read the list of documents we need to have - that list by the way does not mention the form that must be printed from another Brazilian government website and filled in.

At the time of writing we have not completed this process - but we do have the appointment booked, we have the list of documents and we think we have a copy of the form. All of this is thanks to a young lady at one of the Buenos Aires tourist information offices who made the phone call for us.

After the not very satisfying experience of the Brazilian consulate we met up with our friends Sam and Bernie and the two Australian cyclists Max and Mike for lunch and a few beers.

Later in the afternoon we found our way to the San Telmo district to locate the apartment we will move into tomorrow.


We spent the night in the parking lot in the Puerto Madera area of the city. There is a lot of parking in the area. We found the lot by chance when we first got into the city. The attendants seemed to know that we would want to stay the night.