Saturday (Sabado) 6th March, 2010
Day 359

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miles: 38,903
S 34.61849°
W 58.37828°

New batteries for the Tiger this morning. The batteries that power the Tiger's living area have been showing signs of age for some time now and need to be replaced. Fortunately I found, online, and had communicated with a company that could supply the specialist batteries that are required, a pair of 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries. This morning after a bit of a struggle with the Buenos Aires freeway system we arrived a VZH (Van Zandweghe Hnos.). It took Marcelo's team only about 40 minutes to replace the two batteries, and to check out the Tiger's starting batteries and alternator as well. I must say I was relieved that the VZH guys actually did the installation - I was dreading that task.

We had a few hours to kill before the time scheduled to meet the agent at our apartment so we decided to check out the place where we might leave the Tiger during our stay in Buenos Aires. We eventually found the place on the north western outskirts of the city. In the process we had more navigation and driving adventures on the BA freeway system.

We got back to the city and the San Telmo area well in time for our 3:30 appointment at the apartment. As luck would have it there was a parking station on the corner not 100 yards from the apartment that could accommodate the Tiger - this greatly simplified the job of unloading our stuff from the Tiger to the apartment.

The apartment is a small loft style - the entrance is down stairs, with all the living area upstairs. It has the minimum necessary conveniences, and will be ok for a couple of weeks. The internet was not working when we first arrived and that was and continues to be a bit of a hassle.


Today we moved into the apartment we had organized through the accommodation company named ByTAregentina The place is in the San Telmo district, an old, somewhat bohemian style area, old buildings, cobbled streets, dog droppings, lots of cafes and craft stalls. The apartment is a loft style place with the most amazing ceiling that looks like it is drooping under its own weight. Hope there are no earthquakes in BA.