Sunday (Domingo) 7th March, 2010
Day 360

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miles: 38,903
S 34.61846°
W 58.37828°

Over the preceding couple of days we had organized with Cristian of AndianRoads to drop the Tiger off at their facility at 10:30am. Yesterdays test run and Sunday mornings lower traffic volumes made the drive to the facility easy and we arrived a little early. The facility turned out to be a combined housing and vehicle storage compound in a nicely treed neighborhood, and for the first time in its life the Tiger will get to spend some time under the roof of a garage. All in all I feel very good about the security of this place and will not be worried about for Tiger.

Cristian was kind enough to drive us back into the city and dropped us not far from our apartment.

We met Sam, Bernie, Max (and his parents Brenda and Tom) and his friend Gabriel for lunch near the antique markets in San Telmo. After lunch Nina and I spent time wandering the craft stalls in the area, and I spent time spell bound by the street musicians. One particular guitarist really captured my attention. I have never seen such fast fingers. I am sure I will be back there next Sunday.


A few weeks ago, during our research on where to park in Buenos Aires I found the website of a motor home rental company called AndeanRoads - their website AndeanRoads. Through email we introduced ourselves to one of the principles of the company - Cristian - and arranged to leave our Tiger at their facility while we were in Buenos Aires.