Thursday (Jueves) 25th March, 2010
Day 377

Colonia, Uruguay
Colonia, Uruguay
Miles: 39,011
S 34.46306°
W 57.82646°

The first order of business this morning was to repair the lighting problem. It took a while but I eventually discovered that at the point where Provan (the Tiger manufacturers) had connected their wiring into the Chevrolet wiring harness one of the connections had failed. A simple reconnection fixed the problem.

Then we (Nina, Sam, Bernie and I) were off to town for some sightseeing. We pretty much spent the afternoon walking around this nice, laid back little town. It certainly is a tourist town, restaurants and souvenir shops every where. But also old buildings, interesting art, cobbled streets, and old cars. One of the more interesting and unusual sights was an old bull fighting stadium. Built at the turn of the 20th century as part of a larger tourist center, it was completed just in time to be confronted by Uruguay's ban on bull fighting. The town was originally established by the Portuguese as a base for smuggling goods into Buenos Aires. As you might imagine the Spanish did not appreciate this activity and they eventually took over the town - no doubt under the heading of "law and order".

We spent much of the evening back at camp talking to a young Paraguay man and his American girl friend about what to see and where to go in Paraguay. We are not sure we will go there but Sam and Bernie are definitely going.