Monday (Lunes) 29th March, 2010
Day 381

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
Miles: 139,119
S 34.89373°
W 56.16461°

As you read this, you will no doubt have noticed the site has a new look. That is all thanks to our son Brendon. He has done all the graphic design for the new site (except where I would not let him change something).

Getting it up and running has been quite an effort and we had to stay a day longer than expected in Montevideo to have internet, get it done. Behind the scenes there is still a lot to do to tidy-up.

The new site operates a little differently to the old one - duh!. Daily journal still have buttons to go forward and backward but now they are not labelled "Next" or "Prev" but have the dates of the adjacent entries on them. The large version of photos appear in a panel, the "Next" and "Prev" buttons only appear when the cursor is over the picture. The left and right arrow keys work when the cursor is inside the picture. Hope this little how-to helps. If (when?) you find problems drop me an email.

Finally we have included a number of new photo galleries and taken out a few of the old ones.

Tomorrow we go back to being travelers.