Thursday (Jueves) 1st April, 2010
Day 384

La Paloma, Uruguay
La Paloma, Uruguay
Miles: 39,352
S 34.64508°
W 54.15676°

We spent the morning in Puente Del Este looking for Uruguay souvenirs and taking in the beach, Nina even got a chance to join the throngs and lay on the beach sunbaking. We also got a few more photos of the hand and a few local vacationers. Later in the afternoon we visited the very eccentric house of local artist Carlos Paez Vilaro. A white structure of 9 levels with whimsical spires that cascaded down the side of Puente Ballena.

Back on the road we headed east towards a more plebeian resort town, La Paloma, where we plan to spend a couple of days.

The drive took us inland away from the coast through some beautiful country side, rolling hills, green lush grass, and large stands of eucalyptus (gum) trees - it was like Australia when there is no drought!

I was surprised by the number of people at the campground when we arrived, but then recalled that it was Easter and we had been told that Easter was big holiday time for locals. Also a more careful study of the campground revealed that large sections of it were closed. This must be a lively place during the peak of the summer.


At La Paloma there is a large camping ground on the left as one drives from highway 9 along highway 15 into the town. The area for motor homes is near the beach but a long way from the toilet and shower facilities, but there is electricity, hot showers and internet at the office.