Saturday (Sabado) 3rd April, 2010
Day 386

Barra Del Chuy, Uruguay
Barra Del Chuy, Uruguay
Miles: 39,479
S 33.75508°
W 53.39541°

A leisurely start meant that we were not under way much before midday. Continuing north and east we traveled along highway 9, the road was inland from the coast and passed through rolling green country side with frequent stands of large eucalyptus trees.

Late in the afternoon we called into the border town of Chuy (pronounced choo-ee) to get some cash. Well what a change of pace it was. Suddenly we were in a bustling market town with thousands of people meandering in and out of the discount stores, duty free shops and between the vendors stalls. We found a long line up at the only ATM and the money exchange places were all closed. Fortunately there were a few enterprising change merchants standing on corners; so we got some cash.

We retraced our route south a few kms to the town of Barra Del Chuy to a campground we had read about. The town was barely a little village with a small range of sand dunes between it and the beach.


Complejo Turistico on the right on entering the small town of Barra Del Chuy. It was a very large camping complex next door to a water park. This was one of the more expensive places we have camped. Electricity and water provided at the campsite, wifi near the office, but the showers were almost cold.