Saturday (Sabado) 10th April, 2010
Day 393

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Miles: 40,417
S 22.99221°
W 43.23319°

We flew to Rio today. What with packing and waiting that took up the entire day.

There were big patches of storm clouds around during the descent into Rio. Fortunately this is the only taste we would get during our stay of the heavy rains that Rio had been experiencing.

The taxi ride to the hotel was a blur. Traffic is fast (when it moves) and we seemed to change direction many times - a result of the geography of the place; hills and water everywhere.

The Sheraton is just south of Ipanema Beach and the route took us along both Copacabana and Ipanema.


We are at the Sheraton Rio just south of Ipanema Beach. The hotels is what one would expect from a US 4 star chain.