Tuesday (Martes) 13th April, 2010
Day 396

Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Miles: 40,417
S 22.99221°
W 43.23319°

Tonight we went to a combined dinner-show. Dinner was at a (I assume) typical Brazilian barbeque restaurant. A salad bar was provided and waiters came around with big pieces of meat from which they would cut a piece if you asked. Not a recipe for weight control.

The show, at a place called thePlataForum, purported to be a mix of dance and music from the various cultures that make up Brazil's astounding racial mix. It turned out to be more about young ladies wearing a trace of clothing while "shaking it all about". For the entertainment of lady guests there were also a collection of well muscled and nicely tanned young men doing some very impressive and powerful tumbling. Not to mention a gaucho swinging two one meter ropes with weights on the end that he banged on the floor in a rhythmical fashion. It was fun, and we did get to see a collection of female carnival costumes. They must have weighed a ton - walking around in one of these for a few hours looks like a real workout.