Thursday (Viernes) 15th April, 2010
Day 398

Foz Do IguaƧu, Brasil
Foz Do Iguaçu, Brasil
Miles: 40,417
S 25.55944°
W 54.57625°

The Lonely Planet guide book warns travelers not to walk over the bridge into Paraguay, but to take a local bus. But late in the morning we found ourselves on the bridge and could not see any signs of danger - unless of course the guide book was referring to the low safety rails.

We started our Paraguay excursion with the idea that we would drive to the border and take a look!!, but inadvertently got into lane of trucks crossing the border. We only escaped with a last minute, and stressful, U-turn. A young man on a bicycle lead us around the streets near the border until he found us a secure parking spot for the Tiger and then on foot we followed the signs through the Brazilian border exit.

To say that the border crossing was informal would be an understatement. On the Brazilian side they looked at our passports and tourist cards, handed them back and said - "on your return you don't need to show this". On the Paraguay side there was nothing - we did not show anything or talk to anyone.

The Paraguay town is called Cuidad de Este (City of the East) and it is a tax free shopping town, with more clothes, watches and electronics than I have ever seen. Strangely the most common item we saw people taking back to Brazil were ugly fleecy acrylic blankets. Why you would need these in a semi tropical climate we never understood. The return to Brazil was even less formality - we simply walked over the bridge and into Brazil.!!

Late in the afternoon our friends Sam and Bernie arrived at the camping ground. Their border crossing from Paraguay into Brazil turned out to be far too informal, they did not get any of the necessary paper work for themselves or their vehicles. Since they plan to ship their vehicle from Sao Palo, this could be a problem. After some discussion they decided that the next day they would go back to the border station to get documentation.