Friday (Jueves) 16th April, 2010
Day 399

Foz Do IguaƧu, Brasil
Foz Do Iguaçu, Brasil
Miles: 40,417
S 25.55944°
W 54.57625°

The bus for our tour to the Argentine side of the falls turned up a little early at 7:50, and off we went. It soon dawned on us that there would be no more passengers today and that this had turned into a private tour. The guide shepherded us through the border into Argentina and not long after 9:00 we were at the parque nacional, had bought our entry tickets and were on the mini-train that took us to the beginning of the 1 km walkway out to the top of Guargantua Diablo, the largest of the falls. We saw this same waterfall from below when we visited the Brazil falls. There was a light fog early in the day so we did not get very good photos of this fall.

For the next couple of hours we followed a series of trails and walk-ways past and under a number of the smaller (but only smaller by Iguazu standards) falls, with great views of some of the larger ones. The day steadily improved with the sun emerging fully by about 11:00.

At 12:00 we made our way down to the rivers edge to take our boat ride. From the list of possible rides we had chosen one that took visitors out into the river and under two largish falls and then down the river below the falls to a mooring from where a truck returned us to park headquarters. It goes without saying that we got wet, the power of the falling water was enough to get through the best rain gear and up close the falling water is deafening. It was an exciting ride.

At the boat mooring at the end of the ride we say the most amazing group of butterflies, clustered on the river bank.

We talked the guide into bypassing the planned restaurant lunch and instead taking us to a place called Arepuca. This is a small jungle park with a large building made from even larger logs. Arepuca is the local indian name for a wild animal trap that looks like a small pyramid. The large building at the park was built like a large version of the same trap; it took 9 years to collect the trees for the construction and 1 year to build. We liked this place and its mate flavored ice cream.

Back at the campground we heard the saga of the border paperwork. It took all day for Sam and Bernie to get the correct paper work. And then later in the evening Bernie discovered that the officials had mistyped his passport number on his vehicles documentation.