Saturday (Sabado) 17th April, 2010
Day 400

Foz Do IguaƧu, Brasil
Foz Do Iguaçu, Brasil
Miles: 40,417
S 25.55944°
W 54.57625°

The plan today was that the four of us would do some shopping in Paraguay - over that bridge again. Bernie however would be spending some more time at the Brazilian border crossing trying to get his vehicle documents corrected.

The crowd today was much bigger than on our previous crossing and the Brazilian officials more strict. This time they took our visitors card and re-issued a new one on our return. Still no formalities on the Paraguay side.

The market/shopping area in Paraguay was a real zoo, people everywhere trying to sell everything from bootlegged movies, computer thumb drives, to purple pills they claimed are viagra. I guess I must look old and in need as I got offered viagra a few times.

Nina bought 6 watches, thats right 6. That's 1 expensive one and 5 cheap ones - lets put this in perspective the expensive one cost US$9. The 5 cheap ones $1 each. At the other end of the spectrum Bernie showed interest in a pair of Oakley sun glasses until he heard the price U$400.

On our return to Brazil we, being foreigners, bypassed the long lines of Brazilians with huge bags of purchases. Bernie got his revised paper work.

Next was a short moto-taxi adventure. Moto-taxis are small motorcycles that operate as taxis and zip all over the place like little hornets. They are everywhere in South America but this was our first experience. We took them to a local supermarket to get food and beer for dinner.

Back at the campground Bernie cooked dinner and we drank beer into the night. It was a happy birthday for Rob.