Saturday (Sabado) 24th April, 2010
Day 407

Calchaqui, Argentina
Calchaqui, Argentina
Miles: 41,494
S 29.92801°
W 60.29509°

We had not traveled more than 50 yards this morning when we were directed to the side of the road at the Policia Nacional checkpoint (last night we drove through it twice without being stopped). I had quite a long conversation with the officer about the spare tire and rack on the front of the Tiger. He was telling me that this was not allowed and was an infraction. I was expecting any moment to be asked to pay a "fine". I just continued with no hablo espanol, no entende. Eventually the boss decided we were too much trouble and waved us on. That proved to set the scene for the day. We must have been waved over at least 10 times during the course of the day. Sometimes we were asked for papers, but as our we are Australians, no spanish and don't understand routine improved the stops got shorter. In fairness to the officers, they probably don't see too many tourists in foreign vehicles out here, and no-one actually asked for money.

We traveled all day through flat, and I mean flat as a pancake, lush mostly farming country.


A road side picnic area with tables and fire places. No other facilities. We had the company of some locals for a few hours since it was Saturday night. It looked like the local lovers lane. But good enough for a one night stop.