Sunday (Domingo) 25th April, 2010
Day 408

Cordoba, Argentina
Cordoba, Argentina
Miles: 41,856
S 31.36104°
W 64.26311°

Today was a driving not a seeing day - we wanted to make it to Cordoba.

The countryside continued to be flat farm land, with wide spread stands of palms trees and lesser stands of pine and eucalyptus. For much of the day the land looked quite wet, some of the water looked like the result of recent rains but other times it looked like a natural wet land. We passed through a number of small farming towns. These varied in size from villages to substantial towns. They all looked clean, well cared for and prosperous. In the early afternoon we stopped at San Francisco to get fuel and groceries. The town sported a modern shopping center with a theater, and games parlor with a large fast food area that was stacked with people. Unfortunately it also sported the slowest traffic lights and checkout staff we have ever seen.

We arrived in Cordoba a city of 1.2 million people, just as the sun was setting and had to navigate to the camping ground in dwindling light. Not my favorite activity. The campground was hard to find and required a number of stops to ask locals for directions.

While settling in for the night we noted that

  • we are once again south of the 30th parallel, and

  • the climate is again temperate not tropical, the evening is cool and clear with no humidity.


Camping Municipal Cordoba is about 13 km from town towards the west. Its a big camping, picnic and general recreation area in a park called General San Martin.

We had some trouble finding it so here are some, hopefully helpful, directions. Follow Colon west from the city (if you are in a vehicle you cannot travel along Colon, its one way into the city for much of its length, you need to travel along Duarte Quiros, it will eventually merge with Colon at which point Colon is two-way). Stay on Colon for some distance. At the round-about just after Wal-Mart at GPS S 31° 32.669' and W 64° 15.997' turn right towards Villa Allende and the Airport. If you a sharp observer you will notice a sign saying 1.5km to Parque San Martin. At the round-about GPS S 31° 22.597' W 64° 15.325', turn left (270° around the circle) up a small road to a sporting complex, pass the pink mansion on your right. Keep traveling past a complex of buildings - might need a left turn - to a sign to Camping Municipal and a right turn GPS S 31° 22.359' W 64° 15.682'. Drive a bit further and you are there.