Tuesday (Martes) 27th April, 2010
Day 410

Mina Clavero, Argentina
Mina Clavero, Argentina
Miles: 41,981
S 31.72508°
W 65.84736°

The sunny autumn weather continued this morning as we continued west out of Cordoba towards Mendoza. For the first time in weeks (maybe a couple of months) we are back into some mountains. This time a small range west of Cordoba called appropriately Cordillera del Cordoba, which tops out at about 6,500 ft.

We followed a series of minor roads in an effort to hit a couple of national parks. On the way we passed through a lake side resort town of Carlos Paz - Argentines sure like their vacations.

The first of the national parks, Quebrada de los Condoritos, is a breeding ground for condors. We did not get as far as the second as we decided to stop early and enjoy the sun. Also I had to look at the propane system as it has not been working correctly for the last couple of days. After a short investigation I discovered an oily liquid had filled the regulator and inhibited the flow of gas.


There are a number of campgrounds in this tourist town, but we could only find one of them, Camping Los Rios, that was open. Seems like the tourist season is well and truly over. The place is OK, quite large, has electricity BBQs and hot showers (but only for specified hours).