Wednesday (Miercoles) 28th April, 2010
Day 411

Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas, Argentina
Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas, Argentina
Miles: 42,141
S 32.49549°
W 67.00288°

Another nice sunny Autumn morning. We got through the usual chores in a relaxed manner, enjoying the sun and warmth.

Back on the road the mountains eventually gave way to flat semi desert terrain as we headed west and sometimes a little south to our days destination - Parque Nacional Sierra de la Quijadas. We arrived there about 3:30 and spent a couple of hours walking the short hiking trails and looking at the scenery from a series of miradors. The place is like a small version of Canyon Land, with a complex series of mesas and eroded hills that surround an extensive depression. We really enjoyed the desert feel, warm dry air, slight breeze, lots of birds, and quiet, ever so quiet.

We spent an enjoyable night, alone with the stars and full moon.


PN Sierra de las Quijadas has a small campground just before the lookout and walking trails. It has a few picnic tables, toilets, a snack bar during the tourist season and not much else. It was a wonderfully quiet place with spectacular star gazing, and a full moon.