Thursday (Jueves) 29th April, 2010
Day 412

Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
Miles: 42,306
S 32.89026°
W 68.88328°

We were away early this morning in an effort to make it to Mendoza during business hours. Nina has a skin rash and we needed to see a doctor to get something for it.

The scenery continued to be flat, arid, semi desert. Late morning we saw the first signs of mountains ahead in the west and by lunch time the Andes mountains were clearly visible. In the distance we could see a large snow capped mountain south west of where we estimated Mendoza to be. We are still not sure but it could be Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas and the highest outside the Himalayas at 6962m.

In Mendoza we parked, found the tourist info office, found a doctor and got a few prescriptions filled.

We spent much of the afternoon trying to find one of the campgrounds mentioned in the tourist literature and getting an unexpected tour of some of the more slummy parts of Mendoza.


We got a list of accommodation from the tourist information office in Ave San Martin, it included about a dozen camping grounds in the north east corner of the metro area. Finding one proved to be a bit of a navigational challenge, plus some were closed. We eventually got to Pilmayken which is located in a park complex. We were the only guests, the manager had to light the wood fires that heat the shower water just for us. There was electricity, water, picnic tables and clean toilets.