Friday (Viernes) 7th May, 2010
Day 420

Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
Miles: 42,342
S 32.85498°
W 68.89638°

Argentina uses only one time zone. So for us here in the west of the country the sun is not rising until well after 7:40 - and hence we are not rising until sometimes after 8:30. This morning the late sun, contributed to a slow start so that by the time we got going we barely made it the 30 kms to our spa appointment at 12:00.

We had a wonderful time. The treatments, wine therapy for Nina and olive treatment for me, lasted over 3 hours and included massage with hands, massage with hot stones, a bath (in wine for Nina), facials - the works. Really relaxing and enjoyable - a real indulgence. After the treatment we were served wine, olives and various local products. And the owner of the Spa provided a place in the yard of her own house for us to park the Tiger while all this was going on. We would recommend this to anyone traveling through Mendoza. The Spa is in the same area as some of the more popular wineries - you will find details at