Sunday (Domingo) 9th May, 2010
Day 422

Dique Avalo, Argentina
Dique Avalo, Argentina
Miles: 43,115
S 31.47713°
W 68.57856°

Before leaving Mendoza we thought we would make one last visit to some of the inner city parks, but police had closed off many of the roads so we eventually gave up.

The trip north from Mendoza was through flat dry wine country with poor but well kept dwellings scattered among the fields of grapes.

Just north of the San Juan we followed a sign off onto a country lane to a camping ground. There were perhaps 20 cars and families having a sunny Sunday picnic when we arrived. We idled away the remainder of the afternoon sitting in the sun and reading.


We camped at Camping Municipal Dique Avalo, in a nice stand of Eucalyptus trees with a wonderful view of the Andes to the west. There was water, electricity after a little search, toilets but no hot showers. In the summer months there would also be swimming in the irrigation canal/dam. The signs suggested that there would even be life guards.