Monday (Lunes) 10th May, 2010
Day 423

Difunta Correa, Argentina
Difunta Correa, Argentina
Miles: 43,285
S 31.72781°
W 67.84758°

The highlight of the day was the town and shrine of Difunta Correa. You may have noticed from time to time I have include in this journal pictures of road side shrines that are composed of hundreds, sometimes thousands of plastic drink bottles. As I think I have explained before these are shrines to a women who followed her husband to war and dies of privation along the way - the legend is that her body was found with her child still alive suckling at her breast. The shrines are to her. Well today we found the ultimate example of such a shrine, close to the site of her death. It started out as a cross on a hill but today it is a full blown town, with post office, school, gas station and of course lots of souvenir shops. The shrine is composed of numerous crosses, a large fire pit for burning candles, thousands of plaques, thousands of license plates and hundreds of small doll sized houses, plus the inevitable bottles of water. All these left as offerings at the shrine.


Beside the highway a little east of the township of Defunta Correa. There was plenty of camping in the town with picnic tables, but the desert seemed like it would be a bit less trashy.