Tuesday (Martes) 11th May, 2010
Day 424

Ischigualasto, Argentina
Ischigualasto, Argentina
Miles: 43,464
S 30.16286°
W 67.84203°

The beautiful sunset of last night was complemented with a similarly beautiful sunrise this morning.

This morning we headed initially east and then north through semi desert country towards a provincial park named Ischigualasto. The country side was arid with very little population, only one town of any size (under 1000 I would guess) and scattered poor rural properties. Along this lonely stretch of road we met and chatted with another overland couple Martin (German) and Lynn (English) traveling in a large Mercedes truck/camper.

Arriving at Ischigualasto we jumped onto the end of a tour group that was about to embark on a three hour tour of the park. This was a somewhat unusual tour in that it was by vehicle. The park ranger led a caravan of 6-8 vehicles on a 30 km loop through the park on good gravel road to inspect some of the major sights. The formations of rock were a bit like parts of the US south west with many Hoodoos (multi colored mounds of dirt and minerals), towers of balancing rocks, and towards the end of the route some striking red sandstone cliffs. All in all a very interesting excursion.


The guide book says that there is informal camping at the visitor center of Parque Provincial Ischigualasto, but it did not look informal to us. There were signs for a camping ground, electricity, free wifi, toilets and probably hot showers at some time of the day - though we could not work out when they would be hot. More Spanish would be a good thing. There was a strong wind through out the night which would have made this a less than comfortable place for tent camping.