Saturday (Sabado) 15th May, 2010
Day 428

Amaicha Del Valle, Argentina
Amaicha Del Valle, Argentina
Miles: 43,987
S 26.58940°
W 65.91981°

From Amaicha we turned southish to visit the town of Tafi Del Valle an apparent summer retreat for the residents of the nearby city of Tucuman. This was a quite surprising excursion. From Amaicha in the desert with day time temperatures around 80 ° F we climbed into the mountains and mist to temperatures that got as low as 34 ° F. Even in Tafi, which is at the same latitude and elevation as Amaicha the temperature was only 40° F.

We explored the Tafi area noting that it had all the hallmarks of a tourist town - lots of sourvenir shops and restaurants - before returning through even thicker mist to the sunshine in Amaicha.

In camp we met two German families traveling with their children.


Returning to Amaicha we decided to try one of the campgrounds. It's on the road between the square and Ruta 40. A nice place, electricity, clean toilets and hot showers.