Sunday (Domingo) 16th May, 2010
Day 429

Amaicha Del Valle, Argentina
Amaicha Del Valle, Argentina
Miles: 43,987
S 26.58940°
W 65.91981°

We were told yesterday that it never rains here. Moreover the landscape is consistent with that statement, and the locals and indigenous peoples raise animals not crops because of the dry conditions. So we were more than a little surprised this morning when we woke to grey skies and a light drizzle.

We could have called today waiting for horse day - let me explain.

When we stayed at the hostel up the road the previous night we met a German girl who lives locally and runs horse rides into the surrounding area for tourists. She invited us to join one of her rides Sunday (today) afternoon.

This morning in the campground we mentioned this to a German couple traveling with their two pre-teen children. We thought it might be a good distraction for the kids who must get bored with all the miles of driving.

So this morning we went to the hostel to organize for all 5 of us to go riding. We were told "Come back in an hour", which we did - but no one arrived. A phone call, "I'll be their in 15 minutes" - you guessed it 30 minutes later a horse trots up the road carrying the lady organizer. We arrange for 4 hopefully 5 horses at 4:00 pm. At 4:30 as we are about to give up, our organizer arrives with only 3 horses (in addition to the guides horse). That's only enough for the two children and their mother.

The good news is that the young women who organized this ride turned out to be a good riding teacher, the children and mum had a good time on their 2 hour ride, and the kids loved meeting someone they could converse with in German.

Back in camp they shared some soup and wine with us in their vehicle.