Wednesday (Miescoles) 19th May, 2010
Day 432

Salta, Argentina
Salta, Argentina
Miles: 44,320
S 24.81368°
W 65.41840°

I was excited about the scenery from yesterday when we headed east along Ruta 33 from Cachi towards Salta, thinking that today would be a bit of let down. How wrong I was. Ruta 33 climbed steadily into a range of mountains called Cumbre De Obispo - these appeared insignificant on our map - but turned out to be quite something. The road topped out at 3400 m before beginning a hair raising descent into Cueste del Obispo along a gravel road with many many tight hairpins - 1st gear most of the way.

At the top of the descent we met an Austrian couple (Gerhard and Greti - 4 years on the road). After the descent at one of a number of narrow bridges we met a group of Argentine born Australians on vacation to visit family. What a small world.

Ruta 33 turned out to be a spectacular route with magnificent steep mountains, deep red rock valley walls and in its lower stretches the vegetation changed from desert to sub-tropical before giving way again to a more temperate climate in Salta.


Another camping municipal, this one called Carlos Xamena. On the southern side of town just east of the main entrance highway 68 which turned into Avda Paraguay, take an exit onto Chile and then 2nd right into Avda Republic Del Libano. Has electricity, clean toilets, hot showers, and in the summer the most amazing swimming pool, the largest pool we have ever seen. A kidney shaped pool at least 300m long.