Thursday (Jueves) 27th May, 2010
Day 440

Salar De Olaroz, Argentina
Salar De Olaroz, Argentina
Miles: 44,817
S 23.53438°
W 66.64611°

Time to move on, but our plans have changed - and they probably will again before long.

Nina had been investigating tours onto the Uyuni Salar (the largest salt lake in the world), and into the south west of Bolivia, to see some of the famous lakes and land forms. However it turns out that these require 3-4 days in a cramped SUV, unheated accommodation and according to the guide book, sometimes poor and insufficient food. Based on this we have decided to see how much of these tours we can do by ourselves in the Tiger.

First step - go to San Pedro De Atacama in Chile and then a short trip into SW Bolivia to Laguna's Verde and Colorada - to see how we fare on Bolivia's 4x4 trails (thats what the maps say they are).

So today we left the very pleasant Tilcara and headed back up highway 52 onto the Andean Plateau, this required retracing the switchbacks we had descended about a week ago - still spectacular. Along the way we passed three large semi-trailers each carrying a railway carriage?

The scenery was spectacular, and we camped near Salar De Olaroz at about 3700 meters. Our acclimatization must be working as it was a comfortable night (no head aches) even though cold - we guested about 15 ° F.


About 200 yards off highway 52 in a slight depression, east of the salar.