Monday (Lunes) 31th May, 2010
Day 444

Uyuni, Bolivia
Uyuni, Bolivia
Miles: 45,320
S 20.46526°
W 66.32533°

We were up and away early this morning looking forward to a shower in Uyuni - we hoped.

The 90 km drive was a rough dirt road, big corrugations and occasional holes in the road. Maintaining 40 mph seemed to be the best way to smooth out the bumps a little.

As we drove into Uyuni we could see the beginnings of the Salar to our north, brown mud colored flats in the foreground and a mirage haze in the distance.

It did not take long to find the Hotel Tonito. We had read about this place, and its associated restaurant Minuteman Pizza in a number of travelers websites. We were not disappointed, nice rooms, hot showers (in the afternoon when the sun has heated the water), and great pizzas.


Hotel Tonito. We took a room so that we could wash ourselves and clothes after the dust of the last few days. There is parking large enough for the Tiger (no height restriction) inside their compound. We spent three pleasant days at the Tonito - it was like a bit of home. Friendly and helpful staff, pleasant environment and some people with whom to speak English.