Tuesday (Martes) 1st June, 2010
Day 445

Uyuni, Bolivia
Uyuni, Bolivia
Miles: 45,320
S 20.46526°
W 66.32533°

The rough roads of the last few days finally destroyed the fix I made to overhead cabinets way back in April last year on the road to Inuvik. The screws holding the cabinets to the ceiling pulled out and in the process pushed a small hole right through the fiberglass roof. Todays task was to fix both the cabinets and the roof.

With help from Chris (ex Boston, owner of Minuteman Pizza, wife's family owns the hotel) who chauffeured me around town and acted as translator I got all the elements I needed for the fix - an assortment of bolts, nuts, washers, glue and a large piece of tire rubber.

Two holes right through the roof (one new and one enlarging the hole from the screw), then bolts with thick rubber washers (from the tire rubber) through those - the cabinets should not come down again. Hope this does not damage the roof any more and that the glue under the rubber stops water seeping in.

Of course I must mention that these repairs would not have been possible without the able assistance and extensive advice from my better half - Nina.