Saturday (Sabado) 5th June, 2010
Day 449

Sucre, Bolivia
Sucre, Bolivia
Miles: 45,673
S 19.05401°
W 65.25336°

Getting out of Potosi proved to be a bit of a challenge. On entry to the town yesterday we saw no signs towards Sucre, our next destination, and throughout the day we saw nothing that gave a clue as to where we might find the road to Sucre. Late yesterday we got some directions from a tourist office but the lady that gave them did not seem very confident. So this morning we headed into the throng of buses, taxis and pedestrians with some nervousness. We did eventually find the correct road. The directions helped a bit, but following the buses (now a standard navigation strategy) proved to be the key ingredient.

The day was a nice drive on paved roads through more spectacular scenery. Where the road passed through highland plateaus we saw a lot of farming of grain crops and many instances of harvesting. In most cases the harvesting was being done by hand, with many stands of grain sheaths (bunches of stalks) being visible and numerous groups of people separating grain from chaff by throwing it into the air (I think this is called winnowing).

Sucre is a very different city to Potosi. It sits in a valley at an altitude of 2790m, has many white washed colonial buildings and so far at least there are far fewer people in the streets.

Navigation to our intended hotel proved no easier however as we still only had GPS coordinates. So we were relieved when after a bit of walking around with the GPS in hand I found the place. However our relief was premature. After repeated attempts we could not get the Tiger into the hotel parking lot. The hotel is accessed by a very steep and narrow cobbled street and we simply could not make the turn into the drive way. However the hotel staff did not give up, they contacted the director of a native cultural organization across the street and got permission for us to park in their yard. This was still a tight fit and required many attempts before we finally had the Tiger safely parked.


Hotel Casa Kopling (Pasaje Iturricha 265 zona recoleta) is at the southern (uphill) end of Grau about 50 m from the Mirador. In a vehicle you must turn left off Grau a few blocks from the top, and then right into Calco in order to get into Iturricha.