Tuesday (Martes) 8th June, 2010
Day 452

North of Potosi, Bolivia
North of Potosi, Bolivia
Miles: 45,815
S 19.22514°
W 66.09113°

We thought the big challenge of the day would be getting the Tiger out of the area in which it was parked. But as luck would have it another vehicle was parked near the gate and this forced us to consider a different approach - turn up hill not down. This was a stroke of luck as it made the whole exercise much easier. It did not stop all the locals from the nearby souvenir stands from coming over and offering advise.

The drive back to Potosi was uneventful - the only noteworthy observation was the toll stop on the outskirts of Sucre. A boom gate across the road signaled that we should stop - I had to get out of the vehicle and enter a small office with my drivers license and pay the toll. Right next door a policeman had to stamp the toll receipt. Not a process that would work well on the Tacoma or Sydney Harbor bridge.

Nina had plans to buy a few more souvenirs in Potosi so we found a parking spot near the Residencial Tarija where we had stayed the previous week. As (bad) luck would have it, it was siesta time when we got there so we had to wait around for the shops to open - but Nina got what she was after.

Traveling highway 1 out of Potosi the scenery was rugged and beautiful, steep canyons giving way to high mountains and plateaus. The road was a good quality, but very twisty, blacktop.


North of Potosi on the road to La Paz we found a loop of the older highway that had been turned into a rough picnic area and lookout.