Domingo (Sunday) 20th June, 2010
Day 464

Sorata, Bolivia
Sorata, Bolivia
Miles: 46,251
S 15.76960°
W 68.65516°

Late in the morning we ventured up into the center of the town from our Oasis camping ground. This was a notably strenuous excursion as it required negotiating a narrow steep footway, firstly down into the river and then up the steep valley wall on the other side.

The regular Sunday market was in full swing as was some type of health care convention, with stage presentation of resuscitation techniques and vendors selling health supplements. The place was however much less busy than the previous day.

We took a taxi (the easy way) back to our oasis camping ground and spent the remainder of the afternoon, working on our website and other chores, as well as simply enjoying the warmer climate, the view of Illampu and continuing to marvel at the enormous gum trees that seem to be almost everywhere.