Wednesday (Miercoles) 23nd June, 2010
Day 467

Puno, Peru
Puno, Peru
Miles: 46,444
S 15.82791°
W 69.99413°

Back into Peru today. Before leaving Copacabana we tried to get fuel but the local gas station would only sell us 100bs worth. So be warned; don't arrive here needing fuel.

The border crossing was straightforward but slow. The Peru side seemed to have a new computer system that was slower than the manual system we observed last year when we entered Peru.

The days drive was through rolling hills beside the lake with harvesting still very much in evidence.

We learned the answer to a quiz today.

How do you fit 8 people and 6 llamas (or 8 sheep) in a small toyota minivan

The answer is astoundingly simple but I would not have thought of it. You tie 4 feet of each animal together so they cannot move and then stack all of them in the vehicle roof rack. Of course the people go inside. We did not get a photo of llamas in this position but you can see the photo of the sheep being so transported.


The lower parking lot of the Hotel Libertador. This is a 5 star hotel on an island in Puno harbor that is accessed by a causeway. It's a very up market establishment. A room is US$355. We would not have had the gaul to ask to park here if we had not read about it from others. The deal was that we had to have dinner in the restaurant. It was a nice dinner but if you are on a tight budget it will hurt - $100 for two people. There are no services, but it is without a doubt the best view in Puno.