Sunday (Domingo) 4th July, 2010
Day 478

NP de Lachay, Peru
NP de Lachay, Peru
Miles: 47,644
S 11.35703°
W 77.36766°

The drive up the coast and through Lima was mostly a replay of roads we traveled last year while heading south. But even so we were surprised at some of the sights. The juxtaposition of desert and large scale industrial agriculture, and the shanty towns being built in the desert. The coastal desert of Peru is certainly an inhospitable place and we noted again that the mountains of Peru seem to be a better place to live than the coast. At least there, one could grow some food.

The sky was grey all day and as we drove up into Parque National de Larchay we entered the clouds and were treated to gum trees and other vegetation dripping with moisture. We stayed in this same park last year. That previous stay was also a night spent under dripping trees.