Monday (Lunes) 5th July, 2010
Day 479

Huachaco, Peru
Huachaco, Peru
Miles: 47,929
S 08.07298°
W 79.11841°

More coastal desert today. But fortunately we saw the sun for a while.

The road was good so we made good time covering nearly 300 miles. The driving was generally easy though the Taxis and Mototaxis in Chimbote were a bit of a challenge. Mototaxis are three wheeled motor cycles converted to carry two passengers. They drive whereever they please.


Huanchaco Gardens is a block back from the beach at the Northern end of town. The beach front road is one-way south so that to get to the northern end of town one must take a back street. As this street turns back towards the beach one comes face to face with the gate into the parking lot of Huanchuco Gardens. It has a big sign on it saying RV park. The owner, Jorge, is friendly and helpful. the place has hot showers, electricity, and in the summer a pool.